NEPS - Matisse Art Gallery 2020

Henri Matisse was one of the undisputed masters of 20th-century art. Born in France in 1869, he was known for his vibrant use of colour in paintings and sculptures. He was a founder of the ‘Fauvism’ movement (Fauve translating as “wild beast”); a group of artists whose paintings were seen as “explosive” and “unconventional” to many at the time.

Despite this, he had a very long and successful career. At the age of 72, suffering from a serious illness, Matisse became confined to a wheelchair. This made painting and creating sculptures difficult. However, he was not ready to give up and formed a new way to make art – paper cutouts. Matisse turned scissors into his pencil or paintbrush. He would paint paper in vibrant colours and then use scissors to cut shapes that he would then arrange to form his collages.

Some of his pieces would be as big as a wall and he would have a helper to position the cutouts under his direction. The works were lively, whimsical and full of energy. Matisse was one of the first artists to use paper collage as an art form and he continues to influence artists today.

Inspired by Matisse’s sheer determination to endure through his challenging circumstances, North Ealing have asked students to create their very own Matisse inspired ‘Cut-Outs’. The theme was ‘ My everyday life’, encouraging students to reflect on their own lives, what was most important to them and represent this in any form of mixed media they wanted. Like Matisse, we are determined to persevere.

We would like to thank and congratulate all students who entered. This was a tough competition and we appreciate and thank you for all your hard work and determination. Here are the finalists from each class across Nursery to Year 6. We hope you enjoy our online exhibition.

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