North Ealing School's Safer Internet Environment

Not everything you see online is true!
Educate others and be in control!
Security is essential!
Sensible and sensitive online lives!
If unsure ask!
Encourage a positive use of the internet!

Phena Y6

Joint Winner - Phena

Leo 6S

Joint Winner - Leo

Neven 3G

- Neven

Kimika 4J

- Kimika

Yasmin 5FJ

- Yasmin

Did you know that some apps can use YOUR PICTURES and SELFIES without paying you? Always check the terms and conditions! This includes Whatsapp and Instagram!

Nessie suggests that you turn on PRIVACY SETTINGS. Some messages and pictures you send can give others details of exactly where you are!

THINK CAREFULLY before you send a picture to somebody. Once they have it, they can pass it on to others! Be Cyber Sensible!

Nessie surfs her home all the time but still rests! Nessie suggests some time AWAY from screens to enjoy the real world as well!!

Nessie’s home gets polluted by tourists leaving litter! Make sure you don’t litter up the internet with unkind, thoughtless or cruel comments. Make the internet A BETTER PLACE!!

Nessie can’t leave DIGITAL FOOTPRINTS but you do every time you go online. Make sure you tread carefully!


Nessie loves fish! Sometimes, people ‘phish’ on the internet and try and trick you with ‘too good to be true’ offers. If it seems too good to be true, it’s probably a trick! DON’T GO THERE!

Lots of people want a picture of Nessie and tell her how special she is. FLATTERY online means that somebody wants to gain your trust. THINK FIRST!!

NESSIE CAME FROM MARS SCIENTISTS CLAIM. Not everything you read online is true. Always check the information somewhere else or ask a grown-up what they think about it!

Nessie asks that you NEVER post anything online without the other person’s permission. RESPECT THE PRIVACY OF OTHERS.


Nessie stays safe by hiding away. She reminds you that BEING ONLINE IS NOT HIDING – you can be traced!

Nessie reminds you to THINK BEFORE YOU SQUEEZE!


In school, your teachers and grown-ups are here to help. At home, your parents/carers are there to help. TALK TO US if you have any worries.

Nessie knows that you will NEVER SHARE emails, passwords, telephone numbers, addresses or other personal details with strangers. If you don’t know the person asking, they might not be who they say they are it!


NESSIE: North Ealing School’s Safer Internet Environment!

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