Nursery - Spring 1

Our Topic: Traditional Tales.
AM: Hedgehogs & Badgers PM: Squirrels & Foxes


Early Years Writing

Key Text for Spring 1

Learning Values


Meet the teacher

Walk to School

NEPS Learning Values: Engaged, Nurtured & Creative

Characteristics of Learning: Active Learning

Manners Matter & Respect for All We will build upon last term’s focus on using ‘please’ & ‘thank you’. We will learn ways of showing respect to each other.

Dates for your diary

  • Friday 2nd February: PTA Quiz Night
  • Monday 5th – Friday 9th February: Arts Week
  • Friday 9th February: Last day before half term.
  • Monday 12th – Friday 16th: Half term holiday SCHOOL CLOSED
  • Monday 19th February: First day back
  • Tuesday 20th February 3.30-5.30: Parents evening for N2s
  • Wednesday 21st February 3.30-7: Parents evening for N2s
  • Thursday 1st March: World Book Day Character Dress Up
  • Monday 12th – Friday 16th March: Science Week
  • Wednesday 28th March: Last day for Nursery children only.
  • Thursday 29th March: NURSERY CLOSED. Last day for Reception – Yr 6

Key question: Can I recount any traditional story?

  • I can join in with repeated refrains and can retell key events in the story.

Key question: Can I give meaning to the marks I make?

  • We will start to encourage the children to record the ini al le er sounds they know.
  • I can continue to give meaning to marks that I make when I draw.
Numbers/Shape, Space & Measure

Key question: Do I know that a number represents the amount in a set?

  • I can count up to 10, then 20.
  • I can begin to match numeral to amount (up to 10).
  • I can represent numbers using fingers, marks on paper or pictures.
  • I can show interest in shapes in the environment.
  • I can start to talk about the shapes of everyday objects e.g. Round and tall
Communication and Language

Key question: Can I retell a familiar story in my own words?

  • I can remember key parts of the story with increasing recall.
  • I can understand ‘who’ ‘what’ and ’where’ in different ques ons using the ques on bears to support this.
  • I can use talk to connect ideas e.g. Explain what is happening, anticipate what is happening next, recall past experiences.

Speaking & Listening: I can use ‘and’ and ‘because’ to link my thoughts.


  • 4th Jan – Show and tell
  • 11th Jan – What is my favourite fairytale or traditional story.?
  • 18th Jan – What is my favourite fairytale or traditional story.?
  • 25th Jan – Which character would you like to be? (who?)
  • 1st Feb – Where would you live?
  • 8th Feb – What vehicle would you drive?
Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Key question: How can I include other children in my play?

  • I can express my own preferences and interests.
  • I am confident to talk to other children while I am playing.
  • I am more outgoing to unfamiliar people in social situations.
  • I can begin to accept the needs of others, taking turns and sharing resources.
  • I can keep play going by responding to what others are saying or doing.
  • UNICEF – Article 15: You have the right to choose your own friends.
Understanding the world

Key question: Do I know how to operate simple equipment?

  • I know how to operate simple equipment. E.g. Beebots, torch, remote control toys.
  • I can recognise and describe special times or events in my experiences. Please record in WOW books also.
  • I can talk about some of the things I have observed.
Physical Development

Key question: Can I use tools safely?

  • Can I put on my own coat?
  • I can use one-handed tools and equipment e.g. Making snips in paper with child scissors.
  • I can dress myself with help
  • I can copy some letters from my name.
  • I can understand that toys and tools need to be used safely.
  • We will start walking and running the Daily mile, three times a week.
  • I can copy movements and follow instruc ons during our Sticky Kids program.
Expressive arts and design

Key question: Can I make believe by pretending using my previous experiences?

  • I can build stories around toys e.g. farm animals needing rescuing.
  • We will be integrating the singing of songs as part of our story telling.
  • I can use resources to create props for role play e.g. Making a bridge using junk modelling.
  • I can sing simple songs.
  • I can create movements in response to music.

Mrs Finnerty

Mrs Casimir

Mrs Muja, Mrs Wilson, Miss Housego, Mrs Harne & Mrs Shattock

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