Nursery - Spring 2

Our Topic - What makes a good friend?

AM: Hedgehogs & Badgers 
PM: Squirrels & Foxes

NEPS Learning Values: Creative, Engaged & Nurtured

Characteristics of Learning: Active Learning

Manners Matter & Respect for All We will build upon last term’s focus on using ‘please’ & ‘thank you’. We will learn ways of showing respect to each other.


Key question: Can I recount any traditional story?
I can join in with repeated refrains and can retell key events in the story.

Key question: Can I give meaning to the marks I make?
We will start to encourage the children to record the initial letter sounds they know.
I can continue to give meaning to marks that I make when I draw.

School Library — Look at books independently

Key question: Do I know that a number represents the amount in a set?
I can count up to 10, then 20.
I can begin to match numeral to amount (up to 10).
I can represent numbers using fingers, marks on paper or pictures.
I can show interest in shapes in the environment.
I can start to talk about the shapes of everyday objects e.g. Round and tall.

Busy Things Maths games

Communication and Language

Key question: Can I retell a familiar story in my own words?
I can remember key parts of the story with increasing recall.
I can understand ‘who’ ‘what’ and ‘where’ in different questions using the question bears to support this.
I can use talk to connect ideas e.g. Explain what is happening, anticipate what is happening next, recall past experiences.

Singing Nursery Rhymes and songs and reading as many stories as often as possible.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Key question: How can I include other children in my play?
I can express my own preferences and interests.
I am confident to talk to other children while I am playing.
I am more outgoing to unfamiliar people in social situations.
I can begin to accept the needs of others, taking turns and sharing resources.
I can keep play going by responding to what others are saying or doing.

Promoting British Values by making choices about our learning.

Understanding the world

Key question: Do I know how to operate simple equipment?
I know how to operate simple equipment. E.g. Beebots, torch, remote control toys.
I can recognise and describe special times or events in my experiences. Please record in WOW books also.
I can talk about some of the things I have observed.

Investigation resources e.g. Magnifying glass, binoculars, etc.

Physical Development

Key question: Can I use tools safely? Can I put on my own coat?
I can use one-handed tools and equipment e.g. Making snips in paper with child scissors.
I can dress myself with help
I can copy some letters from my name.
I can understand that toys and tools need to be used safely.
We will be walking and running the Daily mile, each week (weather permitting).
I can copy movements and follow instructions during our Sticky Kids program.

Expressive arts and design
Key question: Can I make believe by pretending using my previous experiences?
I can build stories around toys e.g. farm animals needing rescuing.
We will be integrating the singing of songs as part of our story telling.
I can use resources to create props for role play e.g. Making a bridge using junk modelling. I can sing simple songs.
I can create movements in response to music.

Role Play, Different media to create artwork

Mrs Finnerty

Miss Manthou

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