Nursery - Summer 1

Habitats: Growth & Change Animals & Creatures

AM: Hedgehogs & Badgers PM: Squirrels & Foxes


Key Text Summer 1

Early Years Writing

Walk to School

Learning Values


Meet the teacher

NEPS Learning Values: Engaged, Nurtured, Creative, Respectful & Responsible & Harmonious

Characteristics of Learning: Creating & Thinking Critically (Thinking)

S.M.S.C: Including all and being welcoming. Using the Rainbow Fish, Elmer, Giraffes, Can't Dance and more! Assembly: We will be thinking about Spring and new beginnings.



Key question:

  • Can I hear the sound at the beginning and end of words?
  • We will listening to stories without pictures to try and enhance our listening skills.
  • I can recognise when words start with the same sound .

Can I hear the sounds and blend them together?

  • We will be working on oral blending.
  • This is when an adult says the sounds e.g. ‘S-i-t’ and we encourage the children to suggest what the word is. ‘sit’ – E.g. H-o-p, c-a-t, j-u-m-p, d-o-g, p-a-t

School Library:

  • I can describe the settings in the stories that we read. I can recall the main events in the story.
  • I can name and begin to describe the main characters in the story.

Key question:

  • Can I give meaning to marks that I see in the environment?
  • I can recognise signs and logos e.g Tesco/Toilets sign.

Key question: Can I match numeral and quantity accurately?

  • I can separates a group of three or four objects in different ways, beginning to recognise that the total is still the same.
  • We will use the Numicon resources to support this.

Key question: Can I recognise shapes in the environment?

  • Now that the children know many 2D and a few 3D shapes we will be searching for shapes that we know in the environment.
Communication and Language

Key question: I can ask and answer questions?

  • I can ask and answer who, what and when questions. E.g. Who was your favourite character? What happened to the caterpillar?
  • I can question why things happen and give explanations.
  • I am beginning to understand how and why questions. E.g. How can we stay healthy? Why does my heart beat faster when I exercise?

Speaking & Listening:

  • I can retell a simple past event. I can ask and answer questions.
  • 19th April – Show and Tell –  special object
  • 26th April – 24th May: What job do I want to do when I am a grown up?
  • Bring in a picture or object related to what you want to be when you are a grown up.
Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Key question: Can I talk to other children while I am playing? Can I talk about my home and family?

  • Children will be encouraged to share their WOW books and talk about their family and experiences at home.
  • During the first week of the half term children will share a special object. Linking to Communication and Language –  we will ask the children ‘Why is this item special to you’
  • UNICEF – Article 24:
  • You have the right to the best health care possible, safe water to drink, nutritious food, a clean and safe environment, and information to help you stay well.
Understanding the world

Key question: What job do I want to do when I am a grown up?

  • Children will be talking about occupations that they are interested in or jobs they would like to do when they are a grown up.
  • We are hoping to invite parents in to talk about their own occupations!!
  • I can talk about some of the things they have observed such as plants, animals, natural and found objects in our outside area and around our school site.
  • I can show care and concern for the environment.
Physical Development

Key question: Can I talk about what hap- pens to my body when I exercise?

  • We will be working on our ball skills during P.E and in our outside area.
  • I can catch a large ball.
  • I can kick a large ball.
  • I can talk about healthy foods.
  • I can talk about what happens to my body when I exercise e..g. My heart beats fast, I get hot, I get sweaty.
  • We will start walking and running the Daily mile, three times a week.
  • I can copy movements and follow instructions during our Sticky Kids program and using Go-Noodle.
Expressive arts and design

Key question: What resources can I use to make props for my play?

  • I can use resources to create props for role play e.g. Making a telescope using mobilo if they are playing pirates or using junk modelling to make a robot etc.
  • We will continue to encourage the children to build their own stories around toys and also use the toys provided to retell stories that we share in class.

Mrs Finnerty

Mrs Casimir

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