EYFS Parents Evening

July 2017
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Nursery - Summer 2

Habitats & Transition: Growth & Change
AM: Hedgehogs & Badgers PM: Squirrels & Foxes


Key Text Summer 2

Learning Values

Early Years Writing


Walk to School

Phonic Mnemonics

Rainbow Fairy Workshop

NEPS Learning Values: Independent & Determined to Achieve their Best Harmonious, Creative, Nurtured, & Engaged (contd)

Creating & Thinking Critically (Thinking). Making Links. Having their own ideas. Choosing their own way to do things.

Key question: Can you write your name and record the sounds you know?

This term the children are prac sing to write their name by themselves, working towards writing it independently. We are con nuing to encourage them to hear the initial (first) and final sound in words and for some to try to record this on their drawings. E.g. Pirate ‘p..t’

Numbers/Shape, Space & Measure

Key question:

Can you find ways of recording numbers?
We will be encouraging the children to find ways of recording numbers. This may be as a picture, as the numerals, as marks etc.

What words can we use to describe that?
We want to develop the language to describe a range of mathematical concepts related to shape, space and measure.

Communication and Language

Key question: Can you show your understanding by answering how and why questions?

We have begun to think about answering how and why questions and our topics continue to offer opportunities to express this. We have been encouraging the children to use because to explain their answers. We will be reflecting on what we have learned and answering questions. In particular cular, how and why things happen.

Big Talk: Understanding/Listening & Attention/Speaking

Can you use interesting words?

  • BIG TALK TOPICS: (week ending/Fridays)
  • 5th June – What did you enjoy about your visit to ReceptionTaster? Why?
  • 12th June – Tell us about your family’s culture.
  • 19th June – Which farm animal do you like best? And why?
  • 26th June – What is your favourite sport/leisure activity?
  • 3rd July – What have you enjoyed most about Nursery this year?
Personal, Social and Emotional Development
Making Relationships / Self – Confidence & Self-Awareness / Managing Feelings & Behaviour

Key question: What have you learned today?

We have begun to widen our friendships in preparation for our transition to Reception (or our return to Nursery with new peers) in September. We are thinking about the learning we have experienced during this year and how we can build on it for next year. We want to continue to celebrate achievement through WOW books, kindness cup and praise pads. This will embrace the learning values that we have focussed on up to now.

Unicef Rights of Children
Article 12: Children have the right to give their opinion, and for adults to listen and take it seriously.

Understanding the world
People & Communities / The World / Technology

Key question: How can you describe the changes you see?

We will be focussing on different habitats / settings this term. We want the children to be able to describe what they see, who lives there and what it is like. We will be using the books / stories to support our understanding of habitats and the animals that live there.

Physical Development
Moving & Handling / Health & Self-Care

Key question: What activities help to keep me healthy?

We will be thinking about all things that contribute to keeping us healthy and ac ve. This term we will be holding our EYFS Sports Day showing our range of our skills. We are continuing to work on our fine motor skills to improve our letter formation. This includes getting ready for writing using dough disco, how we hold the pen and how we sit.

Expressive arts and design
Exploring & Using Media & Materials/ Being Imaginative

Key question: Can you use a range of materials to express your own ideas?

The children will be encouraged to show greater independence in crea ng their own ideas using a wide range of materials and techniques. We want to encourage them to do their best and be proud of what they produce for themselves.

Mrs Finnerty

Mrs Sanchez

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