Nursery - Summer 2

Journeys / Transport & Transition

AM: Hedgehogs & Badgers PM: Squirrels & Foxes


Key Text Summer 2

Learning Values

Early Years Writing


Walk to School

Meet The Teacher

NEPS Learning Values: Engaged, Nurtured, Creative, Respectful & Responsible, Harmonious, Independent and Determined to do your best.

Characteristics of Learning: Creating and Thinking Critically

S.M.S.C: Including all and being welcoming. Using the Rainbow Fish, Elmer, Giraffes Can't Dance and more!

Personal, Social and Emotional Development
Making Relationships / Self – Confidence & Self-Awareness / Managing Feelings & Behaviour

Key question: Can I be more outgoing to unfamiliar people and confident in new social situations?

With the Nursery year coming to an end we will begin to talk about the progression into Reception. We will be reflecting on the year we have had and all the wonderful things we are now able to do.

Following on from taster day where the children may have met others that they do not already know– we will be talk- ing about the skills that they will need to make new friends. We will also be encouraging them to widen their friendship group and play with someone they may not have played with before!

UNICEF-Article 29: Your education should help you use and develop your talents and abilities. It should also help you learn to live peacefully, protect the environment and respect other people.

Communication and Language

Key question: Can I use language to imagine and recreate roles and experiences in play situation?

We will be encouraging the children to take on a role in their play e.g. Pretending to be a pirate and acting out the pirate searching for treasure.

Key question: Can I follow a story without seeing the pictures of props?

To further develop our listening skills we will be practising listening to stories without seeing the pictures. We will listen to Cbeebies radio stories and see if the children can answer simple questions about what happened in the story.

Speaking & Listening: I can retell a simple past event. I can ask and answer questions.

7th June – Show and Tell – holiday news / special object
14th June – 12th July: What was your favourite event/topic/activity that you have experienced in Nursery this year?

Physical Development

Key question: Can I talk about what hap- pens to my body when I exercise?

I can talk about what happens to my body when I exercise e..g. My heart beats fast, I get hot, I get sweaty.

Key question: Can I form recognisable letters?

We will start to encourage the children to write their name without the need to copy their name card.
We will continue to learn the letter formation of other letters and practise these. our Sticky Kids program and using Go Noodle.


Key question: Can I hear the sound at the beginning and end of words?

We will listening to stories without pictures to try and enhance our listening skills. I can recognise when words start with the same sound .

Can I hear the sounds and blend them together?
We will be working on oral blending. This is when an adult says the sounds e.g. ‘S-i-t’ and we encourage the children to suggest what the word is. ‘sit’
E.g. H-o-p, c-a-t, j-u-m-p, d-o-g, p-a-t

School Library: I am beginning to be aware of how stories are structured. We will be talking about can suggest how a story might end.

Key question: Can I write my name independently?
Can I use the sounds that I know to write labels and captions for my pictures?


Key question: Can I separate a group of three or four objects in different ways, beginning to recognise that the total is still the same?

We will be using real objects and counting objects to explore this. We will use the example of passengers and train carriages. Different numbers of passengers can sit in each carriage but the total number remains the same!

Key question: Can I recognise numbers in the environment?

While we are learning about transport we will be noticing numbers that we see on cars and buses etc. We will have a look at numbers that look a little different from the way that we have learnt to recognise them and see if we can still identify them.

Challenge: Can you tell me what 1 more or 1 less than a number is?

Understanding the world

Key question: Can I recognise some of the things that make me unique?

We will thinking about all of things that make us different and special.

Key question: Can I ask questions about our familiar world?

We will be encouraging the children to comment and ask questions about the place that we live, our familiar environments (nursery, around school) and the wider world around us.

Expressive arts and design

Key question: Can I construct with a purpose in mind?

We will encouraging the children to share with each other their plan before they start to construct. They will need to think about what they will need and then work towards their goal.

Key question: Can I build a repertoire of songs?

We will be putting together a graduation performance where the children will need to learn some unfamiliar songs.

Mrs Finnerty

Mrs Casimir

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