Welcome to the NES sports portal

This portal will update you on everything you need to know about sports at N.E.S.

This term we have many exciting competitions and tournaments that we are taking part in.


September 27th
Y5/Y6 Football ‘A’ Team at William Perkin school

October 4th
Y5/Y6 Cross Country at Berkley Playing fields

October 6th
Y5/Y6 Tag Rugby tournament at Ealing Trailfinders

November 1st
Y5/Y6 Netball tournament at Ellen Wilkinson

November 6th
Y5/Y6 Girls football competition A and B team.

November 13th
Y5/Y6 Hockey tournament

November 29th
Y5/Y6 Football ‘B’ team at William Perkin School

In addition to these tournaments we will be entering the Peal Shield cup for both girls and boys football.

This will be ongoing until the Spring term.

Match and event reports will follow as the term progresses.

Get involved – Sport is FUN.

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