The Art of Writing

At North Ealing we have made the development of writing pedagogy our focus area of the curriculum. We have recently started to use a program called ‘The Art of Writing’. This method of teaching writing caters for a range of learning styles and fitted in well with already established practice.
The Core Approach
The core of this approach is that the written outcomes by pupils are greatly enhanced by the use of high quality texts. These are carefully chosen to inspire children, promote discussion and encourage higher-order thinking and questioning. Visual prompts are readily available in the classroom to scaffold and encourage writing.
Oral Language Skills
Prolonged periods of writing are avoided, talking and rehearsing writing is used to promote oral language skills across the whole curriculum.

Our Big Writes are more creative and accessible to all abilities and appeal to both boys and girls. We feel pupils are better prepared for Big Writes, and can apply prior knowledge and confidence in engaging with writing.

Enjoyment of Lessons
We have seen and increased enjoyment of lessons and the pupils are more empowered learners who set high standards for themselves and strive for success in all their writing experiences.


The Art of Writing Path

Gradual layering of willing acts as a scaffold for learners.











Shared Writing

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