WhatsApp - a guide for parents and carers

WhatsApp is a great way for young people to socialise with their friends. Children can only talk to existing contacts on their phone.
What is WhatsApp?
WhatsApp is a mobile messaging app which allows users to exchange messages using existing phone contacts without having to pay text message fees. WhatsApp Messenger is available on most mobile devices including iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and Desktop. WhatsApp users can create groups and send each other unlimited images, video and audio messages.
Does WhatsApp have any age restrictions?
As part of its Terms of Service, WhatsApp’s minimum age of use is 16 years old. By using WhatsApp, a user agrees to provide certain personal information such as their mobile phone number, billing and mobile device information.

If WhatsApp learns that identifiable information of a child under 16 has been collected on the WhatsApp Site or WhatsApp Service, then WhatsApp may deactivate the account.

How much does it cost?
For all phone types, WhatsApp is free to download. WhatsApp used to charge a 69p per year subscription fee, but this has since been removed.

WhatsApp uses an Internet connection using 4G or Wi-Fi to send and receive messages to your contacts. As long as the user hasn’t exceeded the data limit or is connected to a free Wi-Fi network, messaging over WhatsApp should not cost extra.


A guide for parents and carers
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