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Learning Values: Developing; Perseverance, Confidence, Risk Taking and Independence Being Reflective - Looking back at the year.

S.M.S.C: Can I develop an appreciation of similarities and differences between my self and other children ? Can I encourage others to do their best?

  • I can use different sentence types in writing.
  • I can use adjectives (WOW) to make our writing lively and engaging.
  • I can show correct punctuation . , ? !
  • I can use the connectives – because, and, so & but.
  • I can experience writing using different forms – letter writing, recount, captions & labels, creative story writing, poetry, explanations. & instructions
  • I can show accuracy when spelling high frequency words.
  • I can apply igh, i-e, ai, a-e, o-e, ow, ew, u-e when reading.
  • I can spell all the days of the week correctly.

Key questions:

  • How can I make my sentences more interesting?
  • How many adjectives can you think of to describe a crocodile?
  • I know the months of the year in order.
  • I can count to and across 100 forwards and backwards from any given number.
  • I understand multiplication, division and doubling through grouping and sharing.
  • I can solve one-step problems that involve + and – , x and ÷
  • I can describe movement in straight lines using everyday language and describe turns, including half, quarter and three quarter turns in both directions.

Key questions

  • What month comes after August?
  • Can you programme the bee-bot to turn clockwise, then anti-clockwise?
  • There are 6 dinosaurs in the forest. Each of them has 4 legs. How many legs are there altogether?


  • I can identify and name a variety of common wild and garden plants, including deciduous and evergreen trees.
  • I can identify and describe the basic structure of a variety of common flowering plants, including trees.
  • I know what plants need to grow.
  • I can ask questions, make relevant observations and conduct simple tests.
  • I can gather data and record my findings.

Key Questions:

  • What do the roots of a plant do?
  • What is the stem for?
Art / D.T.
  • Making collages using different materials.
  • Designing and making a hand puppet using felt.

Key Question:

  • What could you do to improve your puppet?
  • Improving mouse control skills.
  • Using the mouse to log on and log off.
  • We are Celebrating
  • Children explore different cards e.g. Good luck and Birthday cards.
  • Children use a graphics pro- gramme to create an e-card.
  • Can you use your mouse to improve your card?
  • Ball skills, team games / sports day, skipping.
  • Balancing, sequencing, different forms of travel around the room.
  • Can you link two movements together?
Religious Education

‘The importance of water’ and the role it plays in faith and rituals.

  • Where does water come from?
  • Can you tell someone about the water cycle?
  • What is water used for?
  • What happens when there is no water?
  • What does it feel like to be thirsty?
  • Why do we need water?
  • If you have a pet, how do you make sure it has clean water when it needs it?
  • How can we save water?

This term we will be looking at foods and begin to say our likes and dislikes. We will also look at describing appearances


Exploring pitch and rhythm

  • The Long and the Short of it
  • Duration: long and short sounds
  • Can I use long and short sounds to create interesting sequences of sound?
  • I can explain why good friends are important and explore how to make new friends.
  • I understand what ‘bad’ secrets are.
  • I know how to keep myself clean and I under- stand why this is important.
  • I can explain how I have changed since I was born.
  • What can you do now that you could not do when you were a baby?


  • I can discuss some significant historical events, people and places in my own locality.
  • I know about the life and times of Queen Victoria.
  • I know what Victorian schools were like?
  • Which inventions do we still use from Victorian times in life today?
  • Why did Queen Victoria wear black clothes?

No Geography study this half term

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