Spellings Overview

Year 2

One of the National Curriculum expectations for Year 2 is that pupils should continue to use phonic strategies in reading and writing words that are unfamiliar to them.

In Year 2, children learn spelling rules covered in the RWI Phonics and Spelling Schemes. They learn that there are more ways in which a sound can be written, e.g. ow as in snow and o-e as in stone. Pupils also learn lots of spelling rules, for example how to add prefixes and suffixes to root words.

Pupils are also expected to learn how to spell ‘Red’ words, those that aren’t fully decodable and have a tricky bit in them.

The list may also contain some High Frequency words which are commonly used in children’s writing. These words may be decodable or non-decodable.

The English Curriculum places high expectations on being able to spell proficiently, so please help your child to learn their spellings every week.

Year 2 Spellings Homework

Miss Page
Mrs Hayre-Milne
Mrs Hammill/Miss Paget
Mr Rutherford
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