Year 2 - Summer 2




Learning Values

Homework Year 2

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Learning Values

Learning Values: Developing; Perseverance, Confidence, Risk Taking and Independence. Being Reflective - looking back at the year.

Learning Values

S.M.S.C: Can I develop an appreciation of similarities and differences between myself and other children? Can I encourage others to do their best?


Drama, Speaking and Listening Skills

  • Can I discuss the events in a story?
  • Can I discuss the feelings and motives of different characters?
  • Can I recite a poem?
  • Can I act out or freeze frame
  • Key events in a story or poem?

Shared Texts

  • James and the Giant Peach
  • Funnybones
  • Non-Fiction texts

Reading Skills

  • Can I understand and talk about a text that I have read?
  • Can I answer literal and inferential questions about different texts?

Writing Skills

  • Can I use different forms of sentences in my writing? – commands, statements, exclamations and questions .
  • Can I punctuate sentences properly?
  • Can I use conjunctions, adjectives and adverbs to make my writing more interesting?
  • Can I spell a wide range of decodable and non decodable words ?
  • Can I use joined up handwriting?

Big Write topics:

  • We will be asking you to discuss these themes in preparation for a writing task, at school
  • A recount of our visit to a Buddhist centre.
  • A descriptive piece of writing based on ‘James and the Giant Peach’.
  • We will be consolidating and extending lots of maths skills learnt this year including;
  • Can I use mental maths skills to add, subtract, multiply and divide?
  • Can I use par oning and empty number lines to add and subtract larger numbers?
  • Do I have quick recall of the 2, 3, 5, 10 mes tables and related division facts ?
  • Can I solve word problems using addi on, subtraction, multiplication and division facts?
  • Do I know the names and proper es of 2D and 3D shapes ?
  • Can I tell the me to the quarter hour and then 5 minute intervals.
  • Can I recognise fractions of shapes and numbers including; 1/2 1/4 2/4 3/4 and 1/3?
  • Can I recognise equivalent fractions e.g. 2/4 & 1/2?

Science and SRE: Habitats and Growing Up Can I explain what animals need to survive?

  • Can I say why some animals and plants live in particular habitat?
  • What can I learn from knowing about food chains?
  • Can I learn about keeping healthy in terms of food, drink and exercise?
  • How are boys and girls different?
  • What are different parts of our body called?


  • Can I develop a range of hand eye coordination skills?
  • Can I develop my running skills?
  • Can I work as a team?


  • Can I learn modelling skills to create a clay animal?
  • Can I develop drawing and painting skills to paint pictures of animals?

We are Zoologists

  • Can I collect data using tally charts?
  • Can I use simple charting so ware to produce pictograms and other charts?
  • Can I take and edit photographs?
  • Can I record information on a digital map?

Following a conductor

  • Use appropriate instruments to create a mood.
  • Can I choose appropriate instruments to imitate different weather sounds?
No studying of P.H.S.E this half term

Significant people

  • The life and legacy of Nelson Mandela.
    • Who was Nelson Mandela?
    • When and where did he live?
    • What were his achievements?
Design Technology


  • Can I learn modelling skills to create a clay animal?
  • Can I develop drawing and painting skills to paint pictures of animals?
Religious Education

Caring for our world

  • Can I develop a greater awareness of how I can care for our natural world?

Use of opposite descriptive adjectives.

  • Italian food and meals, how to offer, accept and refuse.
  • Physical descrip on of themselves and others.

Article 14

  • Every child has the right to think and believe what they want and to practise their religion, as long as they are not stopping other people from enjoying their rights.
No studying of Geography this half term

Introduction to instruments of orchestra

Miss Twyman

Miss Page

Mrs Mcdonald

Mrs Symes

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