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Learning Values

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learning values

Learning Values: Respectful and responsible, collaboration, thinking skills, problem-solving and being determined to achieve our best.

learning values

S.M.S.C: Learning about others and surrounding world. Using the internet for research responsibly and safely. Engage with the 'British values' of democracy.

Continue to build a repertoire of sentence types to enrich writing.

  • BOYS (But, or, yet and so – progress to although, however, nonetheless)
  • 2A (e.g. It was a wet, windy day in the drearydark city)
  • Ad same Ad (e.g. Bertie was always happy, happy because he liked school)
  • Noun who/which/where (e.g. Henry, who was an interesting character, loved playing tricks)

Can I choose the most appropriate sentence type for a section of writing?

Stories with a familiar setting (Danny The Champion of the world) and Fables/stories with a moral

  • Dialogue
  • Character description
  • Creative writing
  • Poetry
  • Creating images: using simile, metaphor, personification and descriptive language to describe a scene.

Can I replicate an author’s style of writing?

  • Diary entry
  • My own fable
  • The day I met my superhero
Number and place value- up to 4 digits
Can I order numbers with up to 4 digits?

Addition and subtraction-mental and written strategies; one and two step written problems
Can I choose the correct operation for 2 step word problems?

Properties of shapes – symmetry, reflection, repeating patterns
Can I recognise a shape from its properties?

Multiplication and division, including learning 6 and 9 times tables

Fractions – equivalent fraction, non-unit fractions of number

Can I use my times tables to work out fractions of number mentally?
Position and direction – translating shape, coordinates.

Collecting evidence / making suggestions / noting observations

Journey of electricity, safety, mains versus battery, circuits, conductors and insulators, switches and other components of circuits.

  • What components do you need to make a simple series circuit to light one bulb?
  • Why are plug sockets covers made of plastic?

Famous scientists
We are researchers and authors focussing on chosen scientist and interesting facts about their lives and achievements.

Sing text and other resources/place events in order

Ancient Egypt
Researching evidence – wall paintings, funereal objects and sculptures.
Understanding beliefs, hierarchy, Gods and afterlife.

  • Who were the Ancient Egyptians?
  • Why were Egyptians so important?
  • Which sources can be used to answer questions about Ancient Egyptians?
Atlas Skills — coordinates and compass / comparing locations

  • The geography of Egypt
  • Location, climate, landscape, human and physical features.
  • This will link into the study of Ancient Egypt.
  • How does location affect climate?
  • What are the key human and physicals feature in Egypt?
Religious Education
Hindu beliefs, Gods and Goddesses, Puja at home and in mandir

  • What are some of the key beliefs within Hinduism?
  • How does Hinduism impact of believers’ lives?

Unicef – Your education should help you use and develop your talents and abilities. It should also help you learn to live peacefully, protect the environment and respect other people

Salt, Mustard, Vinegar, Pepper

Recognise and explore characteristics of singing games developing their sense of pulse and structure. Focus on multicultural input.

  • Can I identify the ingredients of a typical playground singing game and perform with others?
  • Can I identify common themes in these games?
  • Can I create my own singing games based upon what I have found out?

Christmas Preparation 

We are co-authors:

  • Plan the content of a Wik1
  • Use Wikipedia to find information
  • Edit Wiki pages
  1. We are researchers and presenters (Science).
  2. Online eSafety
  3. Coding (Scratch)
Design Technology
Generate ideas and plans / select appropriate tools / evaluate

  • Simple models/games using circuits to light a bulb
  • Lighting it up!
  • Researching, designing and creating own lamps and torches (linked with science)
  • Children will be exploring a range of activities and games which will be focusing on the importance of teamwork.
  • Can I work well in a team?
  • Activities to improve coordination, balance and strength.

  • The wider community
  • Local democracy
  • Rights and responsibilities
  • Environmental awareness and sustainability issues
  • We will not be studying Art for the first half of term

Introduction to instruments of orchestra

4B – Mrs Bruley

4N – Miss Newman

4W – Mrs Winslade

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