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Rights Respecting

Learning Values

learning values

Learning Values: Collaborative Learning, Independent and Engaged

learning values

S.M.S.C: How can you make our new classroom harmonious?


English (NC2014) – Ongoing work with Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

Narrative Writing
Children will be using ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ as the focus for English and Guided Reading lessons. Children will be looking closely at the character of ‘Hiccup’ through hot seating.

  • How did you feel when you first saw your dragon?
  • Do you enjoy being a Viking?
  • Do you think your dragons enjoy being trained?
  • Children will create their own guide for training a dragon.

Biographies & Autobiographies

  • Research life of a famous Victorian presenting as a mindmap (Inspiration) and on Blog Page. Links to History.
  • How was life different / the same for women / children / inventors?
  • Biography of Roald Dahl ‘Boy’ to be used as supporting text.
  • A diary entry written from the perspective of ‘Hiccup’ or his dragon based on the day that Hiccup captured his dragon.
  • Did you expect to catch a dragon?
  • Why did you capture that particular dragon?
  • What would have happened if you hadn’t caught a dragon?

Maths (NC2014) – Introduction to new scheme: Collins

Can I find the value of each digit in a six digit number?

  • Number & Place Value

Can I use mental strategies to add and subtract?

  • We will be focusing on mental strategies to ensure a secure foundation for written methods later on in the term.

Can I identify properties of 3D shapes?

  • We will be focusing on right angles, vertices and faces.

Can I use mental strategies to multiply and divide?

  • Focus on mental strategies ton ensure a secure foundation for written methods later on in the term.

What are equivalent fractions?

  • Finding fractions of shapes and numbers. Fraction sequences and equivalent fractions.

How can we translate shapes on a grid?

  • Moving shapes on a coordinate grid.

Science: (NC 2014) ‘Sun, Earth and Moon’

  • What is in our solar system?
  • Why and how do the Earth and Moon move?
  • How do we get days / years / seasons?
  • What are the phases of the Moon?

‘The Victorian Age’

  • Why is the Victorian era so important for invention and engineering?
  • What was life like for children?

Children will be focusing on creating light and shade to design their own dragons.

  • What will my dragon look like?
  • Where is the light source?
  • Which colours contrast?
Religious Educatiuon

Creation Stories

  • Exploring accounts of crea on from di erent cultural traditions.
  • How did the world begin?
  • Why do different faiths and cultures believe different

We Are Bloggers’ RS scheme

  • Pupils to use J2e to prepare / post / comment on blogs.

Can I negotiate and collaborate appropriately?

  • The children will be developing their balance; one of the fundamental movement skills whilst developing social skills.

Developing a Class Code of Conduct (based on Learning Values).

  • How can we support each other?
  • How can we create a harmonious classroom?
  • School Council – how this links to democracy and the British voting

Recap the rights of the child.

  • All children have the right to meet, make friends with, and join clubs with other children.
  • Article 15
Design Technology
  • DT will be covered in the second part of the Autumn term.
  • Geography will be covered in the second part of the Autumn term.

5D – Mrs De Gale

5J – Miss Jenkins

5R – Miss Rogers

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