Year 5 - Spring 2





Science Curriculum

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Year 5 Music

Learning Values

learning values

Learning Values: Independent, Nurtured, Engaged.

learning values

S.M.S.C: Working together as a team.

English & Big Write

English (NC2014)

    • Highwayman
      • Focus on figurative language: including similes, metaphors and personification in poetry.
    • Wreck of the Zanzibar

Key Question: Would you risk staying in your home if it was unsafe, just because it had sentimental value?

  • Persuasive writing
  • A persuasive le er to convince characters from the book to stay/leave the island.
  • Report writing (newspaper)
  • Reporting on the Scilly Isles being struck by a storm.
  • Focus on heading/subheading/ cap on/formal language/ appropriate tense/direct and indirect speech. (quotations)
  • Non-chronological reports
  • Focus on endangered animals linked to the turtle in Wreck of the Zanzibar.
  • Guided Reading:
    • Whole class reading of text.
    • Introduction of new strategies (CAFE)
  • Love letter from Highwayman to Bess.
  • Diary Entry for Laura from Wreck of the Zanzibar.

Maths (NC2014)

Maths Scheme: Collins – Busy Ants Maths

This term we will be looking at;

  • Thousandths, adding frac ons, subtracting frac ons.
Measurement (length)
  • Converting lengths, metric and imperial units, lengths and distances, mul ple lengths. Perimeter and area.
  • Decimal thousandths, ordering thousandths, rounding and ordering, decimal problems.
  • Line graphs and data in tables.
  • Percentages and frac on equivalents, decimal hundredths and solving percentage problems.
How can we use percentages in everyday life?

Science: What properties would you expect the material of an umbrella to have?

Science: Properties and Changes of Materials.

  • Compare and group together everyday materials on the basis of their properties.
  • Know that some materials will dissolve in liquid to form a solution.
  • Use knowledge of solids, liquids and gases to decide how mixtures might be separated.
The History of Islam
  • The City of Baghdad
  • The Islamic Empire 900 BCE
  • How did life in Britain in 900 BCE compare to life in Baghdad?
  • Britain during the Tudor period with focus on Henry VIII’s reign.
Religious Educatiuon

Initiation Practices

  • Pupils identify the increased responsibilities that follow when starting something new.
What is the job of an architect?
  • The pupils will research examples of art gallery architecture, before using ‘SketchUp ‘ to create their own virtual gallery.
  • Finally, they will use the gallery to exhibit their own artwork.
Real P.E. Scheme
  • Cognitive skills. Balance, coordination, agility.
  • What part of our bodies helps us to balance?
Living in the wider world
  • I can understand how budge ng and how payslips work.
  • I can understand and explore the reasons for migra on around the world.
  • How does migration affect our lives?
Design Technology
Making puppets of endangered species of animals.
  • Linked to non chronological report writing in English.
  • What skills do we need to make a puppet?
  • I can conjugate regular verbs in the present tense.
  • This term we will be looking at forming simple sentences using the correct present tense verb.
  • We will also look at the days of the week, months of the year and time of day.
Cyclic Patterns
  • To develop a secure sense of rhythm/pulse and improvise / compose / notate rhythmic patterns.
  • Can I maintain a steady beat against others (drumming circles)
  • Can I notate and perform from grids with several parts?
  • Can I recognise rhythmic cell patterns in a range of world music?
Geography / Art

No Geography & Art Studies covered this half term.

Introduction to instruments of orchestra

Year 5 Barbican Event - 27th February 2018

Mrs De Gale

Miss Jenkins

Miss Rogers

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