A modern day phenomenon

Children and young people love YouTube – so much so that last year, Google launched a special child-friendly version, YouTube Kids, aimed at children under 13.

What is YouTube?
YouTube is a video sharing website and app that allows users to share, view and upload videos via mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop computer. In its early format, most videos were uploaded by individual users showing home-made footage, but in more recent years, film clips, television programmes and music videos have been uploaded by organisations as well as individual users.
Does YouTube have any age restrictions?
You can register for a YouTube account from the age of 13 in the UK. Because YouTube is owned by Google, the site uses a Google accounts sign-in system to give you access to all their products such as YouTube, Gmail and Google+. When registering, if a date of birth is entered that indicates you are below the age of 13, account registration will be disabled.
YouTube and primary age children

YouTube contains extensive material aimed at younger viewers and is very popular with them. If you have young children who use YouTube you can use restricted view mode, a privacy setting which helps to filter out inappropriate or offensive content that you would not want your child to see.

Child safety on YouTube:

Parent factsheet
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YouTube Parents Guide

A video sharing service owned by Google
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