KS1 Singing Club

Animal Dear Parent/Carer,

The KS1 Singing Club begins on September 17th at 3.20 in the Music Room and runs until 3:50.

Many young children enjoy additional opportunities to engage in singing activities and it is a great way to end the day. Indeed, many of the songs we sing are available below (backing tracks and lyrics) for use at home.

In order to keep our children safe, you MUST register by replying to the email sent out in advance. If your child will be away one week, PLEASE let the office know so that we don’t ‘go looking’. Pupils will be collected from classrooms and may need a snack with them.

Please pick up your child from the back door to the Music Room in the upper school playground on time as staff have other obligations after this club.

This year, the club will be led jointly by Mr N. Mehew and other staff. Every half-term, we invite you in to hear some of our pieces in an informal concert.

Warmest regards,
Mr N. Mehew

Class of Autumn 2018 Graduates

A very special thanks to Mrs Merrick who assists our singing every week!

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