Nursery - Autumn 2

Our Topic: Celebrations

AM: Hedgehogs
PM: Squirrels
ALL DAY: Foxes

Christmas Performance

Wednesday 12th December at 10.15am
Doors open 10am – Summerfield Road entrance


Key Text Autumn 2

Learning Values

Meet The Teacher


Walk to School

Early Years Writing

NEPS Learning Values: Engaged & Nurtured

Characteristics of Learning: Playing and exploring, showing curiosity about objects, events and people.

S.M.S.C: ‘We All Sing with the Same Voice’ - book & song Manners Matter ‘Choose, it, Use it, Put it away’


Key question:
Can I recount my favourite nursery rhymes?

  • I can join in with repeated refrains. Phonological awareness linked to Phase 1 phonics I can listen for sounds.
  • I can listen to stories, poems and rhymes.

What ways can I make marks?
I can give meaning to marks that I make when I draw. E.g That’s my mummy or It’s a dinosaur.

School Library – Look at books independently
Key question:
Can I hold a book carefully and turn the pages correctly?


Key question: How many can I count?

  • I can say and recognise numbers (0-5)
  • I can start to represent numbers using fingers, marks on paper or pictures.

Shape, Space & Measure
Key question: What shapes can I name?

  • I can show interest in shapes in the envi- ronment.


  • Busy Things Maths games
Communication and Language

Listening & Attention

Key question: Can I listen to others 1:1 or in a small group? I can listen when others are talking.


Key question: Can I follow simple instructions?

  • I can follow simple instructions.


Key question: Can I retell a simple past event in the correct order?

  • I can use my words to ask a familiar adult for help.
  • I can use please and thank you.


  • We will be learning lots of Nursery Rhymes and songs and reading many stories as often as possible.

BIG TALK & WOW books

  • What special events do you celebrate with your family and friends?
  • BIG TALK – 5 focus children each week
    • (see Home Learning)
  • WOW books—must be returned weekly
    (Wednesdays for sharing Thursdays)
Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Personal, Social and Emotional Development:

Making Relationships
Key question: Can I play in a group?
I can share with my friends.

Self-confidence & self-awareness
Key question: Can I use my words to express my needs and wants?
I can make new friends.

Managing feelings & Behaviour
Do I know how to take turns and share?

We will be promoting British Values by making choices about our learning.

UNICEF-Article 14:
Every child has a right to think and believe what they want and to practise their own religion.
Article 30: Every child has the right to learn and use the language, customs and religions of their family.

Understanding the world

People & Communities
Key question: What special times do I celebrate? I can recognise and describe special times or events in their experiences.

The World
Key question: Can I talk about features of my environment?
I can imagine using small world
play (farm, garage, dolls house,
train track etc.)

Key question: Can I operate mechanical toys?
I can use a simple program on a computer.

Investigation resources e.g. Magnifying glass, binoculars, etc.

Physical Development

Moving & Handling

Key question: Can I draw anticlockwise circles and straight lines?

  • I can use tools for a purpose.
  • I can start to draw straight lines and anti-clockwise circles.

Health & self care

Key question: What can I do for myself?

  • I can attempt to take off my jumper for myself.
  • I can look after my things.

Sticky Kids and Go Noodle programs

Expressive arts and design

Exploring & Using Media & Materials

Key question: Can I join in singing my favourite songs?

  • I can learn simple songs.
  • I can create movements in response to music.
Being Imaginative

Key question: Can I make believe by pretending?

  • I can pretend play using my imagination.
  • We will be singing songs as part of our Christmas performance.

CONTINUOUS PROVISION: Role Play, Different media to create artwork

Mrs Finnerty

Mrs McDonald

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