A Rights Respecting School

North Ealing Primary School has been upgraded to a Silver Award

In 1989...

The United Nations General Assembly adopted the Convention on the Rights of the Child. This landmark treaty is the most widely ratified human rights agreement in history with 191 countries adhering to it.

We are Proud

We are proud of the rights respecting and nurturing ethos at North Ealing Primary School and we have worked hard to gain the Unicef Rights Respecting School status in January 2016.

Spelt out...

It spells out the rights of all children: to health, to education, to an adequate standard of living, to leisure and play, to protection from exploitation, to express their own opinions… and many more. All children have these rights.

It is important

For everyone associated with our school to understand the principles of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, therefore we’d like to direct you to both a child friendly and a full, more detailed version of the Convention.

The Unicef

UK Rights Respecting School Award (RRSA) is based on principles of equality, dignity, respect, non discrimination and participation. Learn more by clicking the button below:

Unicef Launchpad Website

Child Rights Launchpad. Are you ready for an adventure? It’s time to get out and about and explore your rights. They’ll help you be who you want to be. Click the link below:

Child Friendly Summary

Rights of the Child

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