North Ealing Primary School Orchestra

School Orchestra

The school orchestra is open to all pupils once they have reached the basic ability to read music and feel confident to join in a larger groups. The orchestra is led by Mr N. Mehew and Miss L. Page.


We aim to perform as much as possible in events such as:

  • Christmas Concerts
  • Assemblies
  • Special events as arranged

We pride ourselves on our ability to build in all pupils with an aptitude and interest by arranging our music for specific pupils / groups. Our instrumental teaching-team (violin / cello / guitar / woodwind) is supplied with a range of parts that are suitable for all players from beginners to advanced.

Our Aim

Our aim is to develop a truly all-inclusive orchestra that exemplifies the application of North Ealing’s learning values at their very best! Determined to achieve of their best, being harmonious, collaborating, being creative and persevering!

Music is an incredible language that crosses every barrier and divide. Music is a discipline that can be shared at so many levels and which, uniquely, engages the whole brain. Above all, it gives our pupils the opportunity to ‘stick at’ something in order to reap the benefit in later years!

The School Orchestra Meets...

The orchestra meets on Wednesday mornings from 8:15 – 8:55 in the Music Room.

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