BIG Talk BIG Write

The Big Talk and Writing Philosophy

Everything you need to know

Big Writing is the development of the ‘writing voice’ through fast, fun, lively and predominantly oral activities.

Pupils use the ‘writing voice’ in a dedicated ‘Big Writing’ session and at other points during the teaching week.

This is all based on the premise that;


Some aspects we ask the children to consider:

  • Let’s all use a ‘wow’ words in what we say…

  • Let’s see who can use a sentence that starts with a Power Opener…

  • What punctuation might have been used in that sentence?

  • How could what your Gran said have been turned into use of an exclamation mark?

  • What ‘wow’ word might your Darren have used there?

  • Can anyone up-level (improve) what Jo just said?

Big writes take place 2 or 3 times each half term at NES and are linked to the texts that each group are working on and the topics.

Big talk in the EYFS

At North Ealing School we have a whole school initiative known as the Big Talk and Big Write. This is based on the premise that if a child can speak about something they can write about it.

Reception & Nursery Classes

Reception and Nursery classes will have a fortnightly Big Talk theme which will be shared in class over a number of sessions during the following week. These sessions will involve the development of extended speech and encouragement of all children to become confident talkers. The EYFS practitioners will introduce early oral VCOP (Vocabulary, Openers, Connectives and Punctuation) activities focusing on ‘Wow’ words, openers and connectives.

Support This

To support this, we will be sending home a discussion topic fortnightly ‘EYFS Big Talk – talk task’. This will be sent on the Wednesday of the week before the class sessions. We ask you to discuss the topic with your child at home in order to help them to contribute to the class discussion. Talking together is one of the most important factors in developing children’s educational abilities. (Please speak in your home language if you do not speak English at home.)

Time to Talk Pamphlet

We have also sent home a Time to talk pamphlet with ideas to help get you started at home with the Big Talk sessions. Additionally, we have attached the VCOP pyramids. The pyramids are used in class, further up the school, to help your child remember to use the more ambitious Vocabulary, Openers Connectives and Punctuation so that they can improve their talking and writing. The purpose of the pyramid is to show children how to progress by improving the language they use, both orally and in writing.

We would like to emphasise that this ‘talk task’ involves discussion only, but is just as valuable as written homework. We hope that Big Talk will provide the opportunity for parents to play a vital role in developing their Children’s English skills and thank you for all your support.

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