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Do you think you know how you can stay safe when you are using the internet?
Staying safe on the Internet
Staying in control is about knowing that some people use the internet to be nasty to others. We have lots of information for you about the internet and mobile phones, so you can make the right choices and be safe.
A wonderful resource with responsibilities
The Internet offers unprecedented opportunities for connecting and learning. But it can also be scary. Many parents are afraid their children will be exposed to upsetting content or negative experiences online. What are the facts about online risk?
Children should avoid all risk on the internet.
It’s not possible or even desirable to avoid all risk online. Children shouldn’t take risks unnecessarily, of course – but just as you wouldn’t stop a child from learning to ride a bike because they might fall off, keeping your kids from exploring the online world because it could possibly lead to harm isn’t doing them any favours.

Internet Parents Guide

57% of parents think that some fun things to do at home that involve e-safety would help them raise the topic with their child.
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