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Learning Values

Learning Values

Learning Values: Respect & Responsibility, Life Long Learning and Engagement

Learning Values

S.M.S.C: Accepting and celebrating our differences.

  • Katie Morag series
  • Children can spell many Year 2 common exception words.
  • To show tall and short letters of the correct size, orientation and relationship towards one another.
  • Use coordination (e.g. and, but) and subordination (if, because).
  • Use present and past tense mostly correctly.
  • Write simple and coherent narrative about personal experience or others, real or fictional.
  • Write about real events, recording these simply and clearly.
  • Sound out unfamiliar words without hesitation.
  • Read words accurately and fluently.
  • Read most common exception words.
  • Read words containing common suffixes.
  • Answer questions and make some inferences on the basis of what is being said and done.
Key questions:
  • Can you describe similarities and differences between island life and mainland life?
  • Can you use adjectives to describe the island?
Writing focus:
  • Creative story based on Katie Morag
  • Diary – As Katie Morag
  • Poetry based on island life
  • Lists and instructional writing
  • Recall multiplication facts.
  • Use estimation to check that an answer to a calcula on is reasonable (e.g. Knowing that 48 +35 will be less than 100).
  • Solving 1 and 2 step word problems using the 4 operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division).
  • Choose and use appropriate standard units to estimate and measure length/height in any direction (m/cm); the results using >, < and =
  • Reading scales.
  • Fractions: identifying 1/2, 1/4, 2/4, 3/4 and 1/3.
  • Recognise and use symbols for pounds (£) and pence (p); combine amounts to make a particular value.
  • Read scales in divisions of 2s, 5s and 10s where all numbers on the scale are given (reading the temperature on a thermometer or measuring jug).
  • Recognise and tell the time on an analogue clock to the nearest 15 minutes.
Key questions:
  • Is a half more than a quarter?
  • How many minutes between 9am and 9:15am?

Plants: Why are plants so important?
This half term we will continue to study plants. We shall be learning about the life cycle of plants and looking at them in their different habitats. Through practical activities and work in class we shall be helping the children to develop their knowledge of plants locally and in other habitats.
Grow plants under different conditions.

Key questions:
Can you describe the life cycle of a plant?
What plants would you find in a forest?
What is a habitat?
How many things are made from plants?

Map work:
  • In this topic children will use infor- ma on books to compare places that they have studied.
  • They will discuss basic human and physical features.
  • They will work on identifying and recognising the seven continents and ve oceans on maps, globes and atlases.
  • Pupils will also nd out about the hot and cold places of the world in relation to the equator and North and South poles.
  • Comparing islands and Mainlands.
Key questions:
  • Why is this part of the world hot?
  • Which continent is this?
P.E. – Gymnastics
  • Can I balance using my hands, feet or seat?
  • Can I copy stretching movements for different parts of the body?
  • Can I perform simple rolls e.g. for- ward, pencil, teddy-bear?
  • Can I create different shapes when balancing e.g. thin, wide, twisted?

This term pupils will be exploring the computer topic ‘We are detectives’. Pupils will learn to research a given topic safely, effectively and efficiently. They will follow a structured approach and make use of mind-mapping techniques in order to organise their research. Finally they will share their findings with other pupils through a short multimedia presentation.

Key Questions:
  • Can you add questions to a mind map?
  • Where would you find the information that you need on this website?
  • Can you name some ways that we can all stay safe when using the internet?

Music Express 6-7 NUMBER (link Mathematics)
Identify beat and rhythm patterns Perform actions as ostinato
Perform with percussion
Compose ostinato to accompany a song.
Can I identify the beat of a piece of music?
Can I perform with others effectively.
Can I create simple dance moves and sing expressively.
Music by Philip Glass/ Steve Reich (Clapping Music).

I can identify basic fruits and vegetables.
  • To explore life in different countries
  • To explain how their life is different to the lives of children in other countries.
Key questions:
  • What similarities do all children have across the world?
Design Technology

Food technology
Where our food comes from.
Creating a recipe for a healthy drink.
Measuring out the ingredients.
Peeling, chopping and grating fruit.
Write instructions and lists.

Key questions:
Where do we get our food from?
What does it mean to be healthy?
How will you make sure it is tasty to drink?
What does peeling mean?
How can I measure the right amount?

Religious Education

Explore the importance of water for life; learn about stewardship of water.

Key questions:
How can we conserve water?
How long can plants go without water?
Why is water so important for life?


No Art Studies this half term


No History Studies this half term

Ealing Music Lyrics PDF

The Four Friends [Lyrics]

There were four good friends that we want you to know,
A mouse & a tortoise & a deer & a crow,
They all lived together very happily,
Each evening they met beneath a big shady tree,
To talk about their world so contentedly.

They were 4 good friends all so dif-fer-ent
But they knew very well what friendship meant
They used all their talents very cleverly,
They all worked together & as you will see,
How happily they lived underneath the tree.

We need good friends to care & share,
And be there to help us when we call,
To understand us when we say,
‘It’s all for one & one for all’. (repeat verse 2)

Tortoise Crow Deer [Lyrics]

(All) Though the tortoise may roam, he’s always at home,
Because he never comes out of his shell.
You may think he’s slow, but it’s heavy you know,
And he fits inside it very well.

Crow can fly through the sky, looking around,
Observing all the things that happen on the ground.
There is the deer who runs like the wind & darting through the trees,
Leaping over obstacles with ease.

( optional – part 1 sings crow lines, part 2 deer, at the same time
Do this twice. or everyone just sings crow & deer lines 3 times.)

(All) Little brown mouse always running, hurrying, scurrying round,
Down in her hole she is hiding, where she can’t be found.
Bright little eyes always watching, sharp little teeth that can bite,
She may be small but she’s feisty & she can fight.

(Optional – group 1 sing mouse song again at the same time as group 2 sing tortoise verse, or have everyone singing mouse or tortoise again)

Superheroes [Lyrics]

We can fly as an arrow flies, rising high through the endless skies,
Super heroes! we soar above you through the air,
If you’re in danger, just call & we’ll be there.

We employ the power of flight, we enjoy doing what is right
Super heroes! we soar above you through the air,
If you’re in danger – just call & we’ll be there.

We are fearless & courageous, solving crimes quite outrageous,
And everyone’s safety depends on us.
So no need for alarm, you’re safe from any harm.
Just call, & we’ll be there. (repeat verse 1)

We Have to Make a Plan [Lyrics]

Oh what are we to do? We have to make a plan,
We really need to rescue him as quickly as we can,
The situation’s bad, his life hangs by a thread,
If we don’t get him out of there he’ll soon be dead.

Then deer had a plan, she said ‘You know how swift I am.
The hunter’s very greedy – he’s sure to want to eat me,
I’ll let him see me – just to tease,
He’ll chase me through the forest trees,
The sack he will drop – no doubt,
You let the tortoise out.’

So that’s what we will do. Oh what a clever plan.
Now we are going to rescue him as quickly as we can.
The hunter we’ll outwit, and very soon we’ll see,
The tortoise coming home with us ‘cos he’ll be free.

The Hunter Was a Cruel Man [Lyrics]

The hunter was a cruel man & hunting was his sport.
The forest creatures hated him. And this is what he thought.
‘I’d like to eat that tortoise, he looks just like a pie,
But more than that I’d like to eat that deer that just ran by’.

The forest creatures saw the hunter try to catch the deer,
And when she left him far behind, they all began to cheer.

Cheer for the deer, she’s running, leading him on, then she’s gone,
He’ll never catch her if he tries for ever,
She is so fast & he’s not that clever,
Cheer for the deer. Now go & set the tortoise free
happily, a pie he’ll never be. (repeat v. 2)

Celebration Song [Lyrics]

Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together?
The hunter has learned a lesson he won’t forget
Working, together, for ever – we’ll always be
Pooling our resources, & living free,
Never under-estimate our drive for survival,
We’re ready to help each other, and you can see
Working, together, for ever – we’ll always be
Pooling our resources, & living free,

We’re glad to see the hunter’s gone he’ll get no meat tonight,
If he would just eat vegetables he’d be alright.
A hundred eyes are watching when danger’s lurking near,
We’ll look out for each other never fear

Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together?
The hunter has learned a lesson he won’t forget
Working, together, for ever – we’ll always be
Pooling our resources, & living
(very quietly)Pooling our resources, & living
(loud)Pooling our resources, & living free,

Peqce In The Forest [Lyrics]

There is peace in the forest. and the stars are shining bright,
We’re together, we’re together, so everything is right tonight.
The moon gives a silver glow, smiling down on the earth below,
There’s a soft gentle breeze just caressing the trees,
Everybody’s at ease tonight.

Miss Page

Mrs Hayre-Milne

Mrs Burns

Mrs Wareing

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