Year 2 - Summer 2



Science Curriculum


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Learning Values

Learning Values

Learning Values: Risk taking, Perseverance, Reflective.

Learning Values

S.M.S.C: Can I develop an appreciation of similarities and differences between my self and other children? Can I encourage others to do their best?


Drama, Speaking and Listening Skills

  • Can I discuss the events in a story?
  • Can I discuss the feelings and motives of different characters?
  • Can I recite a poem?
  • Can I act out or freeze frame
  • Key events in a story or poem?

Shared Texts

  • James and the Giant Peach
  • Non-Fiction texts

Reading Skills

  • Can I understand and talk about a text that I have read?
  • Can I answer literal and inferential questions about different texts?

Writing Skills

  • Can I use different forms of sentences in my writing? -= exclamations and questions.
  • Can I punctuate sentences properly?
  • Can I use conjunctions, adjectives and adverbs to make my writing more interesting?
  • Can I spell a wide range of decodable and non decodable words?
  • Can I use joined up handwriting?
Extended writing
  • Adventure story based on James and the Giant Peach
  • Retelling of Funny Bones linked to Science
  • My Tiny Dragon story
  • We will be consolidating and extending lots of maths skills learnt this year including;
  • Can I use mental maths skills to add, subtract, multiply and divide?
  • Can I use partitioning and empty number lines to add and subtract larger numbers?
  • Do I have quick recall of the 2, 3, 5, 10 mes tables and related division facts ?
  • Can I solve word problems using addi on, subtraction, multiplication and division facts?
  • Do I know the names and proper es of 2D and 3D shapes ?
  • Can I tell the me to the quarter hour and then 5 minute intervals.
  • Can I recognise fractions of shapes and numbers including; 1/2 1/4 2/4 3/4 and 1/3?
  • Can I recognise equivalent fractions e.g. 2/4 & 1/2?
Science / RSE

Science and SRE: Growing Up

  • How are boys and girls different?
  • What are different parts of our body called?

Human body

  • Children link the five senses to the appropriate body parts.
  • Children explore how to take care of their bodies through regular exercise and hygiene.

Athletics: PE
Children will develop their team building and athletic skills for sports day.
Can I develop a range of hand eye coordination skills?
Can I develop my running skills?


Links to Literacy James & the Giant Peach

  • Using shading / mixing colours to develop painting and drawing skills.
  • Art week: sustainable art workshop – caring for the world.
  • Links to Geography, the children will research and create posters based on two contrasting countries.
  • Can you create a text box to present information?

Following a conductor

  • Use appropriate instruments to create a mood.
  • Can I choose appropriate instruments to imitate different weather sounds?

Growing Up

  • How are boys and girls different?
  • What are different parts of our body called?
  • Transition – Moving to Year3
Religious Education

Caring for our world:
How can we care for our natural world?
How can we care for the UK and Brazil?

Recognising celebrations from around the world.
Why do people celebrate Eid?


We will revise family members.
Children will practice speaking and listening activities using verb to have – tener in the 1st person form I have— tengo.
Describe own family in Spanish. Revise vocabulary through games.


UNICEF – Rights Respecting:
Article 24 – Every child has the right to the best possible health.


Understand geographical similarities and differences through studying the human and physical geography of a small area of the United Kingdom, and Brazil.

  • How are these two countries different?
  • Which continents would you find these countries in?
  • How would you travel from the UK to Brazil?
  • Why are these places attractive to visit?
  • How can we make both places safe to live in?

No History studies his half term

Design Technology

No Design Technology studies this half term

Miss Page

Mrs Hayre-Milne

Mrs Burns

Mrs Wareing

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