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Learning Values

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learning values

Learning Values: Collaborative learning, Independent, Engaged

learning values

S.M.S.C: Emotional: to ensure a smooth transition from Y2 to Y3. Values: Democracy and Tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.

Can I recognise different genre in writing?

  • Fairy tales – We will be re-telling fairy tales and focusing on stories with a familiar se ng. eg. Mrs Cole
    • Who is Mrs Cole?
    • Where does she live?
    • What happens at Mrs Coles?
  • Children will learn the key features of instructions. They will learn how to write their own instructions, focusing on the style.
  • We will be looking at the features of non chronological reports and writing our own.
  • We will focus on the rules of dialogue and start using more speech in the children’s writing.
  • We will work on different sentence types, e.g Noun, who / which / where.
Big Write topics: The Perfect Day

  1. Description of where you go
  2. Description of who you are with
  3. A detailed description of what actually happens
  4. How the day ends

Setting description

  • Mrs Cole’s Kitchen
Can I recognise the properties of numbers to add and subtract?

  • We will be looking at place value, (H,T,O)
  • We will be practicing our Addition/subtraction, with the goal of moving on to column addition / subtraction throughout the year.

Can I recognise shapes and their properties?

  • We will be investigating and learning about properties of shape.

Can I confidently use my knowledge of multiplication, division and fractions to solve problems?

  • We will be focusing on our multiplication and division skills.
  • We will be learning more about fractions, and how to find fractions of number and shape.

Can I explain the properties of mass?

  • We will be learning what mass is and investigating.
Can I recognise characteristics shared by animals including humans?
What is all animals were the same?

  • Children will understand the function of a skeleton: support, protect.
  • This includes healthy eating, and the body (bones/skeletons/organs)
  • Consolidate understanding of food groups. Identify and understand how muscles work.
Introduction to the Stone Age

  • We will be looking at culture / food / houses / way of life.
  • How does this affect modern Britain?
  • What influences from this era are still evident?
  • Where can we find out about the past?
  • What does the evidence show?
We will be portraying families and relationships through art.
  • Article 15 and 31
  • How can I improve my technique?
  • Which material would work best?
  • How can I portray colour and texture between the subjects?
Religious education
  • We will be focusing on signs and symbols that appear in different religions
  • What is the significance of these symbols?
  • Article 2
Online safety

  • We are computer engineers’ programme, where children will learn more about the machine and how the internet works.
  • What have you learnt to day that you didn’t know before?
  • How could you keep safe on the internet?
  • Why might parents/carers have a child safety lock on websites you monitor?
  • We will be focusing on key skills and introduce these skills into games. Eg, throwing / catching / communication.
  • We will also have the chance to work on some elements of dance.
  • Can I use positive words when someone does well?
  • Can I listen and support others?
Modern Foreign Languages - Spanish
  • Greetings, introducing oneself to others and asking others what their name is.
  • How are you?
  • Introduction to feelings, responses, I am happy/sad/tired/grumpy etc.
  • Introduction to numbers and Spanish phonics.
  • Phonics – an introduction to phonics in Spanish.
Animal Magic

  • Develop ability by rating / performing / analyse short, descriptive compositions that combine sounds, movements and words.
  • Can I use descriptive music as a stimulus for creating movements and sounds?
  • Can I respond to descriptive / narrative music developing a sequence of movement?
  • We will be learning about targets and discussing our class / school rules.
  • We will have a focus on friendship, especially as the children will have to work with different people than in Y2.
  • Article 2 and 15
The sharing and defending of ideas and beliefs provides our pupils with an opportunity for establishing their individuality and consolidating their identity.
Design Technology
  • We will not be studying D.T. for the first half of term.
  • We will not be studying geography for the first half of term

Miss Green

Mrs De Gale

Mrs Garland

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