Year 4 Autumn 1


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Learning Values

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learning values

Learning Values: Respectful and responsible, collaboration, thinking skills, problem-solving and being determined to achieve our best.

learning values

S.M.S.C: Learning about others and surrounding world. Using the internet for research responsibly and safely. Engage with the 'British values' of democracy.



Continue to build a repertoire of sentence types to enrich writing.

  • BOYS (But, or, yet and so – progress to although, however, nonetheless)
  • 2A (e.g. It was a wet, windy day in the dreary dark city)
  • Ad same Ad (e.g. Bertie was always happy, happy because he liked school)
  • Noun who/which/where (e.g. Henry, who was an interesting character, loved playing tricks)

Can I choose the most appropriate sentence type for a section of writing?

  • Narrative writing looking at How To Train and Fables/stories with a moral
  • Dialogue
  • Character description
  • Creative writing
  • Poetry
  • Creating images: using simile, metaphor, personification and descriptive language to describe a

Can I replicate an author’s style of writing?


A diary entry written from the perspective of ‘Hiccup’ or his Dragon based on the day that Hiccup captured his dragon. Thinking about:

  • Why did you choose that particular dragon?
  • What would have happened if you hadn’t caught a dragon?
  • My own fable linked to HTTYD
  • The day I met my superhero
  • Newspaper article on King Tut

Number and place value- up to 4 digits
Can I order numbers with up to 4 digits?

Addition and subtraction-mental and written strategies; one and two step written problems
Can I choose the correct operation for 2 step word problems?

Properties of shapes – symmetry, reflection, repeating patterns
Can I recognise a shape from its properties?

Multiplication and division, including learning 6 and 9 times tables

Fractions – equivalent fraction, non-unit fractions of number

Can I use my times tables to work out fractions of number mentally?
Position and direction – translating shape, coordinates.


Electricity- journey of electricity, safety, mains versus battery, circuits, conductors and insulators, switches and other components of circuits.

  • What components do you need to make a simple series circuit to light one bulb?
  • Why are plug sockets covers made of plastic?

Famous scientists – We are researchers and authors – Focussing on chosen scientist and interesting facts about their lives and achievements.

Why are People so Fascinated by Ancient Egypt?
  • Trip to the British Museum – Aut 2019
  • Ancient Egyptian day at school – Aut 2019
  • Develop atlas and map skills to explore location and geography of Egypt
  • Look at climate, landscape, human and physical features in Egypt.
  • We will explore the physical features of the River Nile and develop an understanding of its importance.
  • How does location affect climate?
  • What are the key human and physicals feature in Egypt?

Ancient Egypt
Researching evidence – wall paintings, funereal objects and sculptures. Understanding beliefs, hierarchy, Gods and afterlife.

We will go on a trip to the British Museum and hold an Egyptian day to explore modern day life.

  • Who were the Ancient Egyptians?
  • Why were Egyptians so important?
  • Which sources can be used to answer questions about Ancient Egyptians?
Design Technology / Art
  • We will research, design and create our own lamps and torches – Lighting it up! (science).
  • Create an artistic interpretation of different hieroglyphics.
  • Closely observe and sketch Ancient Egyptian artefacts. (History)
  • How do I make my lamp fit for purpose?
  • How do artist decide which medium to use?

We are co-authors:

  • Plan the content of a Wik1 using our knowledge about Ancient Egypt.
  • Use Wikipedia to find information Edit Wiki pages
  • Online safety
  • We are researchers and presenters (Science and History)
Religious Education

Pilgrimage – Buddhism and Christianity

  • Why do religious people go on pilgrimages? What do they do there? Why is it important?
  • What’s the difference between a pilgrimage and special journey?
  • Festivals – Harvest Festival
  • Eid-ul-Adha, Navaratri and Sukkot.
  • We will also explore Ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses’.

Salt, Mustard, Vinegar, Pepper

Recognise and explore characteristics of singing games developing their sense of pulse and structure. Focus on multicultural input.

  • Can I identify the ingredients of a typical playground singing game and perform with others?
  • Can I identify common themes in these games?
  • Can I create my own singing games based upon what I have found out?

Christmas Preparation 

  • Children will be exploring a range of activities and games which will be focusing on the importance of teamwork.
  • Egyptian Dance
  • Can I work well in a team? Activities to improve coordination, balance and strength.


  • Setting goals – why are they important?
  • How do they help us?
  • Food – energy source, importance of nutrients
  • Smoking and alcohol – what are the dangers?
  • What does misuse mean?
  • What is peer pressure?
  • Bullying – what is it?
  • How can we deal with it?
  • Roles of bully and bystander.
  • Greetings, introducing oneself to others and asking others what their name is.
  • How are you? Introduction to feelings, response, I am happy/sad/ tired/grumpy etc.
  • Introduction to numbers. Phonics – an introduction to phonics in Spanish.

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