Year 5 - Spring 2

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Science Curriculum


Year 5 Music

Learning Values

Homework Timetable


learning values

Learning Values: Nurturing. Life long learners. Respectful and responsible.

learning values

S.M.S.C: Empathy, respect, understanding.


Holes by Louis Sachar

Persuasive letters
This term we will compare and contrast the different book covers for Holes. We will analyse the characters and setting description and discuss how the author creates tension in the story.

Year 5 will write persuasive letters to the Warden asking for the conditions to be changed at Green Lake Camp. We will think about how to structure our arguments and use persuasive techniques such as rhetorical questions, emotive language and using evidence and statistics.

Story writing
We will use holes to write our own adventure stories with flashbacks. Children will write character and setting descriptions and create tension in their stories. They will use a range of grammar techniques to make their writing interesting and keep the reader engaged.

Comparing and contrasting a book and a film
Guided Reading
Can we understand what the reader is trying to tell us?
What clues have they given us?
Can we use clues in our writing rather than tell the reader things?

Writing Outcomes:
Can we write persuasively?
Can we produce a persuasive letter, a persuasive poster and a radio advert?
Can we write creatively?
Can we write an adventure story using narrative techniques to engage the reader?


This half term, Year 5 will write, order and compare numbers with 3 decimal places.
Can we will solve problems using decimal numbers and add and subtract them mentally?

Data handling
We will understand information presented in a line graph. Children will also work on interpreting data in tables and timetables.
How do we know which type of graph to use?

We will continue to develop our understanding of formal written methods for multiplication and division. Children will then use these methods to solve word problems. They will also practise using percentages and fractions and solve problems involving these.

Area and perimeter
Children will calculate area and perimeter of simple and compound shapes. They will also find missing lengths from a shape with a given perimeter.

Are there ways of remembering formulas?


What properties would you expect the material of an umbrella to have?

Science: Properties and Changes of Materials.

  • Recap the properties of solids, liquids and gases.
  • Can we compare and group together everyday materials on the basis of their properties?
  • Which materials will dissolve in liquid to form a solution?
  • Can we separate a mixture using different sieves?
  • Can we name changes which result in new materials and explain that this change is not always reversible?
Religious Educatiuon


  • What does peace feel like?
  • What are some of the symbols of peace?
  • How do different religions encourage peace?
  • How do some religions encourage inner peace?
  • How can we encourage community cohesion which brings peace?

Fake news

What is true? What is false? How do we know?

Children will analyse TV adverts looking at fact vs fiction. They will design their own packaging for their pizzas and produce a persuasive leaflet encouraging people to buy it.

What is fake news? How can we spot fake news? Why does it matter?


I can develop methods to outwit opponents.
I can recognise and suggest patterns of play which will increase chances of success.
I have a clear idea of how to develop my own and others’ work.



Diversity and equality

Year 5 will think about migration in the world. What are our human rights? What causes migration? What is a refugee? What is forced migration? Why is immigration in the news? How can we be thoughtful, active, caring citizens? Is this linked to climate change/ natural disasters/pollution?

Design Technology

How do you make pizza? What changes happen? How can we persuade someone to buy something?

Year 5 will make their own pizzas. This will link to our Science topic and children can look at the irreversible changes which happen when we cook. They will design and evaluate their own sustainable packaging. Children will also design a leaflet advertising their pizzas.


Revise-express opinions about different sports.
Revise use of the correct verbs to explain whether ‘to play – jugar’ or ‘to practise – practicar’ a sport.
Learn to conjugate the verb ‘practicar’ into all persons Write and present a short piece about self or friend’s sports activities.



  • Explore the descriptive effect of TIMBRE
  • Accompany a song with a DRONE and OSTINATI
  • Learn songs about ‘changing environments’
  • Listen/discuss music based on the Arctic/Antarctic regions
  • Can I recreate moods using a range of instruments?
  • Can I explain the effect different sounds have on my feel- ings?

Music by Vivaldi / Vaughan-Williams / Rauutavarra



This half term children will look at a range of problems facing the world today including: plastic pollution, climate change, water usage and food consumption.
How can we help care for our world?
Can we change how we get to school?
Can we use less water and electricity?
Can we recycle more?

We will make a ’Bee hotel’ from natural and waste materials and visit Kew gardens to help us understand the importance of bees in the world.

No History module this term

Mrs Jackson

Mr Facey

Mrs Allard

Miss Saxton

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